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50 BBQ Party Ideas for a Bash the Whole Crew Will Be Talking About. As Covered Patio Ideas For Backyard Mac the weather gets warmer, it's the perfect time to head outdoors. By Country Living Staff.� When life gives you lemons, set up a backyard lemonade stand. Little ones can stay occupied by manning this station, and the party refreshments will surely never run dry. Get the tutorial at modern garden ideas DAVID TSAY. 19 of Have Fun With Place Settings. Sitting alongside your nearest and dearest is what makes a barbecue party in the first place, so set a table that reflects that sentiment. Welcome dinner guests with gingham napkins, name cards, and a handful of flowers at each outdoor table setting. Shop gingham napkins. In this video I share some backyard party ideas, whether you're celebrating a birthday, a graduation, 4th of July bbq or if you just want to get folks. Browse our best backyard party ideas�including decorations, place settings, centerpieces, recipes, and cocktails�for a small outdoor gathering.� Bring laid-back elegance to a small, socially-distanced backyard get-together with these ideas for centerpieces decorations, cocktails, and food. They're all fit for the garden setting. Start Slideshow.

What you never see on Pinterest: the tired and possibly broke woman who threw that elaborate soiree for Do it the laid-back way and you won't even break a sweat until you start dancing, that is. Is an outdoor bash really an outdoor bash without s'mores?

Find some marshmallow sticks and place them in a cute display. And if you really want to save yourself some time, set up a s'mores bar complete with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Since things get sticky, don't forget to have some hand wipes nearby, too.

Why not throw a picnic-style party? What looks like a fancy set-up will only take you minutes to put together. Use some crates as a table and set out a blanket and some pillows and everyone will be nice and cozy while they eat their dinner.

One of the easiest ways you can make your backyard party look better than ever is to buy some string lights and wrap them around your trees.

It won't take long to set everything up, and they'll be shining all night long. Take a roll of brown kraft paper and run it the length of your table: Not only does it have a rustic-chic appeal, it's also cheap and can go straight into the recycling bin when you're done.

If you've got time or want to keep the kids out of your hair with a craft project , "paint on it," suggests style expert Robert Verdi. You can even write out guests' names or initials in lieu of place cards. But don't worry about being perfect � it's supposed to look handmade. Steal from the garden. Huge floral arrangements can look luxe, but you'll get the same bang for zero bucks by using greens clipped from your backyard.

To create the easiest bunting in the world, simply fold bandanas in half diagonally, connect them by knotting the corners together, and hang. After the party's over, give them to the kids for their cowboy and stagecoach-robber costumes. Chop up vibrant veggies and put them in a tight grouping of pretty jars, bowls, or glass vases of varying sizes and heights.

They'll look so lovely and bring the healthy. There's nothing kiddie-party about helium balloons if they light up the night. Buy mini LEDs from party-supply stores like partycity. Group a few together to maximize the starlit effect. Add a pop of pattern to your table by spreading a strip of wrapping paper down the center like a runner. Plant some great decor.

Buy a flat of annuals from your hardware store, use fabric or thick ribbon to cover up the plastic edge of the container, and plop it right down on the table. What we love about this trick is that nothing goes to waste: After the party, you can plant them in your garden. Batch his cocktails in advance, so you can enjoy the party. Watermelon refresher. Prep time: 5 minutes.

Serve with ice. The watermelon mixture � before you add the rum � can be made up to 6 hours ahead. Refrigerate until serving. Makes 6 cocktails. Summer's sangria. Prep time: 10 minutes, plus at least 2 hours chilling time. Germain elderflower liqueur, and 1 Tbsp sugar; stir to dissolve sugar.

Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. Serve over ice. Tipsy tee. Prep time: 10 minutes. Stir well to blend flavors. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Add to a dispenser and top with 2 oz bottles chilled ginger ale. Rock the buffet table.

Grab some flat stones from your yard or get the nice ones at a garden supply store , give them a quick cleaning, and write a menu item on each with a white paint pen. You can also use them as place cards or napkin weights on a breezy day. Ice-cold bubbly is heavenly on a hot night, and blogger Kelly Lyden of The Party Dress suggests turning it into the most delish grown-up dessert: Chill well and pour over a scoop of your favorite sorbet.

Here we used raspberry and mango. Flag your straws. Take a small piece of washi tape, double it over a straw, and you've got a colorful accent in less than a minute. Chef Chiarello adheres to one rule when it comes to cooking for a crowd: "Less is more. Stick to one main idea and let that be the big event. Guests would rather have a single great main dish than a mediocre six-course meal.

Have your butcher at the supermarket prepare two ground-beef patties, two pounds each, for you or shape them yourself in two round cake tins. Remove from grill and place cheese and whatever other fillings you'd like Chiarello suggests caramelized onions on top of each; let rest for 15 minutes. Sandwich the patties together and place them on a one-pound, hollowed-out loaf of round artisanal bread.

Slice into wedges as you would a cake using a serrated knife, and serve with all the usual burger condiments. Find the complete recipe here. Serve gourmet chips without hiring a fancy caterer: Just warm plain packaged Kettle Chips or Cape Cod Potato Chips in the oven to release their oils, then toss with your favorite seasonings.

Food Network star Michael Chiarello likes smoked paprika and chipotle powder. Brown-bag it. Serve snacks in paper lunch bags. Snip off the tops and if you want to get fancy wrap them with colorful butcher's twine, then fill with chips or fresh fruit. It doesn't cost much to spruce up your table. By picking up some cute paper plates and napkins, everything will instantly become more festive. Type keyword s to search. Don't forget to pin these ideas for your next back yard bash!

Honeysuckle Photography. Build a S'mores Bar. Tara Milk Tea. Take Your Party to the Ground. Steven Michael Photography. Light Up Your Trees. David Tsay. Get crafty with your table. Decorate above the table. Snack on your centerpiece. Create a warm glow. Go for the gift wrap. Let Chef Curtis Stone bartend. Save the best for last. Use berries as "ice". Serve a ginormous burger. Spice up chips. Go for adorable partyware. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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