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Garden Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Little Paradise
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No life is without difficulties, no garden is without weeds. This is one of the more famous quotes about gardening inspires us to pluck out the difficulties in our life just as we pluck out the weeds growing in our life. Sometimes garden saying become famous, but the person who said them are forgotten about. Cora lee Bell has offered the world several wise quotations , including this one about gardening: An addiction to gardening is not all bad when you consider the other choices.

The watering of a garden requires as much judgment as the seasoning of a soup. A famous quote that inspires us to take time to be quiet and enjoy the garden we have labored to create.

I think, dream bigger than emperors. Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. Gardening is an exercise in optimism. Sometimes, it is triumph of hope over experience. Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as the canvas.

You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds. Your email address will not be published. A well-thought out mixture of task and ambient lighting will make your garden, porch or patio an attractive, inviting space � and safer for people arriving at the property at night. To instantly update a garden dining area, or to turn your pergola into a chic al fresco dining spot, add pendant lights.

Garden lighting and fire pit ideas go hand in hand. Choose candles and fairly lights to create a similar vibe to the above and watch the light bounce about and create heaps of atmosphere. Lighting a garden with temporary lights such as lanterns and candles couldn't be easier. Wrap twinkly lights around arches and arbours, or drape them through trees or even pots and baskets. A warning, however: although some party lights can be left outside all the time, others need to be brought in when it starts raining.

Tealights in old baked-bean cans or jars look great when used en masse. For a smart look that doesn't look too formal, mix and match lanterns in a variety of shapes and materials. This contemporary garden gets a bohemian update courtesy of The White Company. You can use large storage jars to create a similar candlelit look. All the copper tones in this courtyard makes for a really stylish and elegant yet rustic looking space.

The wall light is simple but effective and that along with the table lantern is just enough to bring this tiny space to life by night.

Could this setup be anymore dreamy? Festoon lights are a timeless classic for a reason: there's not an outdoor space out there you can't instantly transform into a romantic nook with this garden lighting idea. Our all-time favourite look is strings of festoon lights suspended above a dining area.

String lights are so versatile and we love the idea of using them in a low hedge or hanging tree to create a small secluded and well lit spot on a lawn � for wine and reading of course. Already have all the festoon lights you'll ever need, or want to try something a bit different?

Creating an outdoor room is a recent trend that allows you to blend indoor and outdoor decor � and is very effective for making your garden cosy come autumn. Use outdoor lighting that looks like it's for indoors to achieve this effect.

They'll add a subtle glow and won't look too shabby during the day, either. Monochrome never goes out of fashion for gardens. Lighting a garden with shades of white and cream are the failsafe option for creating an opulent contemporary design scheme � they look amazing as a decking idea , too.

To break up the neutral space, add some graphic black lanterns and pendants. If you're on a budget but want a big-impact garden lighting scheme, go for paper lanterns. Cheap and cheerful, they look great when clustered together, both during the day and at night. These paper lamp shades are from Ikea. Blessed with a large garden and a tall canopy? Make the most of your garden's spaciousness by hanging not just one string of lights, but lots of them, for a shimmering, cascading effect.

Newsflash: path lights don't have to be non-descript and boring. To add more character to your garden path, choose novelty designs that'll draw attention to your borders. This garden lighting idea could also illuminate your deck.

Bowles notes how 'Path or step lights make dim or steep walkways easier to use, while box wall lights or exterior bracket lights by the front door create a welcoming first impression. You can even increase perception of living space by making your garden visible at night � enabling you to enjoy the garden year-round, whatever the weather.

Proud owner of a garden pond? Few things in the garden are as enchanting as Back Garden Waterfall Ideas Quotes a beautifully lit water feature. Some will come with their own lighting, but if you have a natural pond, you can get water-safe lights designed especially for them. The lights come attached to the artificial lily pads. There are so many different looks you can achieve with lanterns, depending on what style they are. Nautical lanterns are a classic choice, but for a warmer look, choose Moroccan-inspired ones.

They'll cast beautiful shadows on your patio or deck, creating a mysterious and intimate atmosphere. For a little privacy that's bright and beautiful too, consider an LED light curtain and attach it to a pergola or even between a couple of trees. Sure to up both the level of loveliness and light in your space. Path lights are probably the easiest way to update your garden lighting. You just stick them in, and they run off either batteries or solar energy. For contemporary gardens, matt globe path lights are a great way to create accents on a lawn; in a sloped garden, they'll emphasise the different levels.

It may seem like it's ages away, but autumn and winter are just round the corner, and soon enough there won't be any leaves left on your favourite garden tree.

Create a joyful winter accent in your garden by wrapping fairy lights all around its trunk and thicker branches. This look is especially suited to front gardens. Garden fences can be weak links in your garden design, especially if yours is plain.

There's an easy way to give your fence a bit of oomph, though � by adding colourful festoon lights. The strong, primary colours of these festoon lights from Wayfair counterbalance the plain colour of the fence. Got a beautiful tree with interesting foliage? Make the most of your tree or maple with a colourful web of festoon or fairy lights. These bright festoon lights are from Seasonal Aisle. Take inspiration from nature and choose garden lights that have organic shapes and a gentle glow.

From bees to pineapples, there are lots of flora- and fauna-inspired outdoor lighting designs that'll help you create an organic look. Great as a garden lighting idea for kids to enjoy. Traditional, cottage gardens or country gardens need garden lighting that's sympathetic to their style and materials. The more natural-looking the material and light colour, the better it will fit in with your overall garden design scheme.

These stone-effect globe path lights are actually made from polyethylene, but it's impossible to tell they're not real stone. To create maximum impact, position a watt Modern Garden Ideas Pinterest Quotes spotlight close to the base of the trunk so the beam creates a play of shifting light and shadow up through the branches of the tree.

LEDs light emitting diodes are popular as they are particularly useful for long cable runs, and can be used almost anywhere: in step lights, as recessed spots in paving and decking, even under water spouts and fountains. Some LEDs come in different colours and there are others where you can programme the colour to suit the mood. You will pay more for LED lights than standard fittings, but the bulbs last a lot longer and the fittings are more discreet.

Permanently coloured lights are best used in moderation and specifically in areas where a distinct focus or style is required.

Solar lighting offers great versatility and cost effective illumination.

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